Monday, May 22, 2006


It is possible to express the next output of a JK flip flop just in term of J and K?

Draw a state diagram of a Moore machine with two inputs, X1 and X2 and one output, Z. The input sequence 00,11 makes the next Z=0, 01,11 Z=1, 10,11 Z=toggle. Using only four states. For other input sequences Z remains constant.

In my hubmle opition, the first one doesn't make sense (toggle = you need the previous state, by definition).

The second one is triky, and I'm not very sure. But, being a Moore machine, the output depends only by the state. So you need two states for output 1 and 0, for sure. And what output would have the other two states? How can you implement it so that it works for both the sequences 00,11,01,10,11 and 00,11,01,11,11?

EDIT: I know the solution now. Damn, too late.

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