Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#Bigotgate, funniest tweets

ethernat Say what you like about Nick Griffin, but he would never have called her bigotted #bigotgate

sjrw @AIannucci He's burying her in the back yard as we speak!

simonwbaker Gillian Duffy: "all these eastern Europeans coming in, where are they flocking from?" - I think the answer is in your question. #bigotgate

nhudgell RT @jamesgraham: Has Duffy not left the house yet? Did Gordo do her in? #bigotgate

richrandall Stupid "-gate" suffix. If Watergate scandal had happened today, we'd have to call it Watergate-gate. #bigotgate

sciggles I'm sure labour people are trying to think up a way to make all of #bigotgate out to be #nickcleggsfault you know

canvasGB RT @PaulWaugh In attacking Gillian Duffy, Brown has insulted his entire core vote. Has he ruined Labour's election? #BigotGate #ge2010

richcowley Someone's getting their head kicked in tonight by GB. My money is on Sue. #bigotgate

bigotedwoman Cheeky bastard's having a shit in my toilet now. #ge2010 #election2010 #bigotedwoman #bigotgate

jimbotfu I would've liked to have seen him emerge from her house still clutching her broken and bloodied dentures screaming "WHO'S NEXT?" #bigotgate

markstallard Could be worse! could have called her "an opinionated cunt sponge & and there's some voters we don't need" rather than a bigot. #bigotgate

Farkough "Gordon Brown called me a bigot, and all I got was this lousy apology"#bigotgate

BTW, Spain has been downgraded, maybe that's kind of important...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lighting advice (from a sound guy)

I would advise against backlighting people with white hair in purple

(it was even more evident on TV but I didn't want to photoshop it!)