Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy life 2

7:00 alarm
8:00 catch the tube to work
6:00 come back from work
7:15-late dinner with work people

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Childern wear.

Size 8 stuff available at reduced VAT...just got some boots for a tenner!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lucky Day

Congratulations - You recently completed the [] Candidate Assessment Centre Questionnaire and have been selected from the prize draw to win £100 Apple Store Voucher.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy life

10-17 working on the project,
17 run home and get changed, dinner
19-03am summer ball

11:45 wake up
12-13 Mass
13-14 lunch
14-18 work on project
18 grand father pickpocked (all documents needed to flight on mon)
18-19 various phone calls with relatives and embassy (while working on project)
19-22:45 dinner with relatives + move sisters bags to hotel + work on project presentation

6:45 wake up, shower breakfast etc
8am catch tube, say goodbye to sister (leaving)
9am start 1st day of work
17:30 finish work, run to the tube
18:30 meeting with Dramsoc to decide next term plays
19:30 quick dinner
20-23 work on presentation
23-01am hair dressing (I love straighteners)

7:10 wake up too late, breakfast run to the tube
8:45 start financial training
17:30 finish financial training run home
18:30 run to college to finish presentation
23:30 back home


6:30 alarm
8:00 setup for presentation
9:00-13:00 presentation + demonstration
13:00 run to work
17:00 tube back to college
17-18 principal officer training
18-19 financial officer training (otherwise they freeze the budget)
21-23 dramsoc's play, Much Ado About Nothing

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not so live from ICSB 2008

I've now update the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Just as a comparison, these are the pictures from summer ball 2002.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Live from ICSB 2008

The Marqee in the quad has a d&b Q-series array, stacked on the floor. The DJ is within a trilite cube, 3x5x3 or something like that.

There are 30 of that sort of pixel lines (I'll find out what they are), 6 studio beam rigged, 4 strobes rigghed on the front uprights, 2 of which rotating. In additon 4 projectors project some video loops on the 4 sides of the marquee (in diffenrent size)

(Picture to follow)

Live from ICSB 2008

After finding out that 101 in the union is 2.50£ and elsewhere 3£ I feel sad.

Live from ICSB 2008

Dbs is setup as Dbs us usual, + some d&b M4 as monitors and a M7CL. Lighting as usual. The bands are pretty good but unfortunately nobody cares about them. At all.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live from ICSB 2008

Most of the light in the great hall is provided by the two house lights left on on the rake.

On stage, 2 wind up stands hold a trilite bar above the DJ with 4 MAC 2000 (2 wash 2 profile) and 8 half pixlelines sort of thing. On the floow 2 Mac 2000 profile and 4 mac 500 move around. All is controlled by a Vista. The DJ is lit by the in-house profiles on the side bars.

Behind the DJ the screen is back projected with some nice video.

Sound is provided by Nexo array (5 elements + subs) stacked on stage. (Nothing is flown). Subs under the stage.

(photos to follow)

Live from ICSB 2008

The MDH setup is the following:

2 trilite cubes (2x2x3) which 4 profiles each (open white pointing at the ceilig mirror balls). 1 Mac 500 each and 2 roboscans each. One of the scans has a broken mirror.

On the ceiling there are 15 mirror balls (I think 12" or 15"), the ones with the little battery powered motor. 3 of them aren't spinning

(photos to come later)


the band is lit by 2 profiles, and some (4?) led bars on the floor. They have 2 monitors + one comms headset for the drummer. The PA are two W-audio speakers (15" + tweeters by the looks of it), controlled by a Yamaha desk (either the 02R96, or the DM1000, they are quite difficult to distinguish in the dark) Over all they sound pretty good I have to say.

Live from ICSB 2008

The rides are very good! The going round spinning thing is really fun, looking forward to go on it again a bit more drunk!

There is also the merrygoround, bumper cars and another very scary spinning thing.

Much better than last year!

Live from ICSB 2008

Greeted by the 7 LED parcans on the queens't tower, flashing on demo mode all the colours of the rainbow, I am ready fom the first pint of the wide selection of beers, from the set of all beers

X = {x | x = carsberg (2£) V x = 101 (3£)}.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Does this include leathermans?

Saw this bcc gordon brown thing:
We are not out to criminalise people who have a good reason for being in possession of a knife, but frankly what good reasons would a youngster have for even carrying a penknife?
Commendable, I just hope cutting tangles of electric tape, removing cable ties and slicing salami are good reasons!


I think one of the key traits of Tony Soprano is that when he receives an apology he just goes away. Like that, without saying "it's ok". And is not he doesn't care, he does, he really wanted it. But not, he goes away. Like that.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Nella pessima traduzione di quest'intervista, il corriere ci fa scappare pure il, per così dire, refuso.

Tra l'altro, il badget era molto basso...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The price currently displayed for some water in Sainsburys's is:
80p for 2l, NaN for 100ml.