Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Price for content

This is exactly the right kind of report on piracy. The price I am willing, (not just "willing": I want to, please!) to pay is around $3 per film and $1 per TV episode. In GBP I would make it £3 per film and 50p per TV episode. So I normally only buy DVDs when they reach that kind of price.

The other big factor is "Who actually needs a DVD anyway"? With space in London costing £10,000 per square meter, why would you fill it up with plastic discs? Hard disks are cheap, networks fast enough, why the heck would anybody want a DVD.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Living without content farms

I've started a little experiment with a google custom search engine which excludes a list of useless websites ( etc etc) and promotes good websites (bbc, guardian, instructables etc etc)

I'll try to use it as default search engine for a few days and update the index and see how it goes. The only problem is that google automatically puts loads of advertising.

Here it is

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dear Anna

Hello My Friend!

I write to you the letter, and I hope to receive the answer from you.
Thank you for writing me the letter

My name is Anna.
How do you do

I the young woman, average years.
Hello again, the young woman. I assume you mean median, that would make you 28.4.

I have brown hair.
Brown is indeed a beautiful colour.

I the beautiful woman :)
I not

And live in Russia, city Zelenodolsk. My city is in 920 km from Moscow.

And if you wish to get acquainted with me, I shall be very happy to answer your letter.
I am afraid I have no such wish

And I would like to tell why I write to you.
Go ahead

The matter is that in 2 weeks I shall visit the UK or other country in the Europe. Now I have the plan to visit UK.
I am glad to hear you are considering the Europe as a destination

But I have no friends or relatives in the UK or other country in the Europe.
That's a shame. Perhaps acquaintances?

And while I at all do not know what country better to visit.
While I wouldn't know what to say to that

In WHAT CITY OR ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU LIVE NOW? We could have our meeting? Tell to me more about your country or city? What interesting?
It is LONDON, I expect one could write a book. TripAdvisor?

I shall have the tourist visa, and I can visit any country in the Europe. And can travel in USA.
Perhaps you meant "the" USA

But main my purpose, it to find the good friend for me.
I am afraid the good friends are hard to come by

The man for serious attitudes and if you are now alone?
Serious attitudes?

You have not the wife or children I ask you to write to me the letter. And we
could learn better each other.
I have no desire

I have not boyfriend, and I have not children.
Given your average age and the beautiful woman, no doubt this is because of conscious choice

To write to you the letter, I have addressed in agency of acquaintances, and to me give yours e-mail.
This agency of acquaintances of yours, they seem fun

It not a spam or other bad things. So, please, answer me!!!
It not ham either, and certainly not a good thing

My letter, this offer to acquaintance and to learn better each other.
Please stop saying acquaintance

In my next letter I will send you my photo!!! I hope you will be like see me. :)
No, I will not be like to see you

And I would like to receive your photo too.
Good luck

Please, answer only my personal e-mail:
Thanks for letting me know, I was going to answer you at work

The best regards,
The fervent wishes,

Yours Anna.
You're not mine.