Saturday, May 20, 2006

Money in the bank: fields.

This is the first of a set of little comments regarding our exams.

There is no "money in the bank" question for fields, sorry. What I plan to do is to learn well Coaxial Cables, Forces/Fields between two wires, and magnetic fields around a core with a gap and basic applications of Faraday's law. And hope that one (one, please!) of these will come out.

List of basic equations. Particularly frequent in past papers are the ones regarding E related to V, Q and C. I.e. rederive C for non parallel plates starting with some D.

If we consider the Xmas test to give a clue, then expect to be asked to calculate W in some vectorial space with a certain fields in some direction. Another likely one is matching impedances with transformers. Non ideal transformers are very unlikely (looking at past papers).

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