Sunday, May 21, 2006

Money in the bank: digital.

There is very little to say, it's quite well know what we are going to get.

Know how to convert between decimal/bin/hex/bcd. Oct very unlikely. Signed/unsigned.

Standard Boolean Algebra/Karnaugh maps, etc.

Know what SR,JK,D flip flops do.

CTR (ripple, sync and async), SRG, MUX.

FMS is money in the bank. Remember the difference between Mealy (output dependent on inputs) and Moore (output only dependent on states). Remeber to label the state diagram, i.e. Q1:Q0 -> arrow where it is.

The expression for a counter (no bells no whistles) as a function of the previos state is: D0=Q0', D1=Q0 XOR Q1, D2=Q0Q1 XOR Q2 etc.
Remeber that you've got time.

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