Thursday, August 03, 2006


I have always had a Macintosh. A beast called Macintosh Performa 450, aka LC III

Where 450 is 18 times the clock frequency. That is to say the CPU goes as fast as 25Mhz. Wow.

It has also a monitor and a printer (still working, produced in 1993 or something like that), I am not quite sure of the frequency of the monitor but is very, very, low. In fact it's paintful. But it's a wonderful 640x400, 16bit.

I am now going to ebay it, it's perfect for someone who's collecting old macs, and it takes to much space here. (If it wasnt for the space...I'd keep it!)


raraavis said...

Are you kidding?
Are you talking 'bout your grandfather's mac, aren't you?
...mmm... I don't know wether I can afford it or not, but...
Here in my home there's plenty of space... so, you could drop in and see... your dear old mac whenever you like! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have also always owned a mac. I too had a performa. Then I upgraded to a Powerbook. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro.

it's a cult.