Saturday, August 05, 2006

Easyjet part4.

At the end I managed to book the flight, but:

1) paying with Visa Electron there are no additional fees, paying with VISA 7.50. My Visa Electron was denied if I selected "visa electron", while it worked by selecting "VISA", resulting in the additional charge. I found another blog who is complaining about easyjet. I also wrote about this to VISA. I'll speak with my bank on Monday.

2) the flight was advertised as 49.99. While I was buying the ticket they said the price changed to 64. I said it's all right anyway, but after having bought the ticked I went back to check, and was still advertised as 49.99. The same happened yesterday.

So, at the end of the day, if a flight it's advertised for 38.99 + 49.99 = 88.98 what you pay is actually 147.48, the 58.5 eur difference being 24 (taxes) + 12 (insurance) + 15 (flight price raised) + 7.50 (credit card fee).
The insurance can actually be removed (my bad), but if you have done an easyjet booking before (and I think I've booked 20 or more times) you'd remember that the insurance wasn't added automatically.

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