Saturday, August 05, 2006

Easyjet part1.

I am now start to write about easyjet. I thouht they were good, and offered good value flights, but yesterday I started to change my mind.

I was trying to book a flight, about 130 euro return. After filling all the forms (and loggin in, as I am a regular customer) they popped a message "sorry, your payment has been declined". I was trying to pay with a Visa Electron. The message said to go back and check the details, and so I did and tryied again. I had a message saying that in the meanwhile someone had booked my seat, and so the price was 20eur higher. I said nevermind and tried again. Again the same message.

I tryed a couple more times, then changed card with another visa electron, and same error. I went back on their front page, and started again: the price was again 20eur lower. Good. Tryed again with the Visa Electron, same error. I then tryied with a normal VISA (that adds a fee of 7.50) and same message "your payment has been declined". I went back and tryed again, same error.

After I while I got 2 sms from my bank notifing that two times 134 eur have been taken from my account. I still have no ticket (no mail conferming the ticket, no ticket on the "manage your reservations" section of the website).

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