Saturday, August 05, 2006

Easyjet part2.

I then filled the on-line complain form. It's a pretty form, that ask for name, message etc. It does also ask for a reservation code, that of course I don't have. The form says it's not a problem, just write down your name in the "message" field.

I wrote all my story (more or less what is in the previous post) and clikked "submit". Error: I seguenti campi non sono stati compilati correttamente: (The following fieds must be filled:). And nothing after the semicolon. I checked, and checked, always the same error. I then forged a fake reservation code, and than it worked. I sent like 3-4 of this messages, to be sure they get them.

E1374463, E1374465, E1374521.

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raraavis said...

Well. good luck!