Saturday, August 05, 2006

Easyjet part3.

Benvenuti in easyjet, se desiderate parlare in italiano premere 2. (welcome in easyjet, if you want to speak in italian press 2)

Al momento gli agenti italiani non sono disponibili, se desiderate parlare in inglese rimanete in linea. (at the monent there are no italian speakers, if you want to speak in english hold on the line).

We are sorry to keep you waiting ... be on the first to hear about... register ...simply visit our website and click on the member's section ...if you're waiting because you have a question why not visit you need a car hidden extras ...speak with our sale agents that will be happy to transfer your call.

I have been hearing this nonsense for about 20minutes. They say national tariff, but in UK is 1 quid per minute. I hope here isn't the same.

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