Friday, November 07, 2008

General merriment

Although is understandable to be happy when your favourite candidate wins, I am a bit puzzled to see all the merriment as if the battle was won. I see a dangerous confusion between the significance of the recent elections and the expectations from the winning candidate. If you supported Obama and his ideas, then the victory should only mean to you that the majority of the Americans agree with you, they are moved by the same ideals. You could go as far as saying that you're happy because maybe there is hope for some of the other countries where these ideals don't have that much success.

But this is far from saying that your expectations have been fulfilled. You can just hope that they will, in the years to come. You can hope that the policies will be implemented, and you can hope that once implemented they will work. This victory is surely a step forward for the human kind, but is a bit early for all the merriment.

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