Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live from ICSB 2008

The MDH setup is the following:

2 trilite cubes (2x2x3) which 4 profiles each (open white pointing at the ceilig mirror balls). 1 Mac 500 each and 2 roboscans each. One of the scans has a broken mirror.

On the ceiling there are 15 mirror balls (I think 12" or 15"), the ones with the little battery powered motor. 3 of them aren't spinning

(photos to come later)


the band is lit by 2 profiles, and some (4?) led bars on the floor. They have 2 monitors + one comms headset for the drummer. The PA are two W-audio speakers (15" + tweeters by the looks of it), controlled by a Yamaha desk (either the 02R96, or the DM1000, they are quite difficult to distinguish in the dark) Over all they sound pretty good I have to say.

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