Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy life

10-17 working on the project,
17 run home and get changed, dinner
19-03am summer ball

11:45 wake up
12-13 Mass
13-14 lunch
14-18 work on project
18 grand father pickpocked (all documents needed to flight on mon)
18-19 various phone calls with relatives and embassy (while working on project)
19-22:45 dinner with relatives + move sisters bags to hotel + work on project presentation

6:45 wake up, shower breakfast etc
8am catch tube, say goodbye to sister (leaving)
9am start 1st day of work
17:30 finish work, run to the tube
18:30 meeting with Dramsoc to decide next term plays
19:30 quick dinner
20-23 work on presentation
23-01am hair dressing (I love straighteners)

7:10 wake up too late, breakfast run to the tube
8:45 start financial training
17:30 finish financial training run home
18:30 run to college to finish presentation
23:30 back home


6:30 alarm
8:00 setup for presentation
9:00-13:00 presentation + demonstration
13:00 run to work
17:00 tube back to college
17-18 principal officer training
18-19 financial officer training (otherwise they freeze the budget)
21-23 dramsoc's play, Much Ado About Nothing

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