Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange and the motofone.

Now, I've lost my phone. Or they've stolen it, I don't know. Anyway, yesterday I got a new one, the king of all phones, the motofone f3. This phone does nothing except phoning. Even SMS is a bit difficult. But I don't care, it was £9.99 and it works great (exp audio quality).

But now the king thing, Orange. I bought the new phone with a free sim card. Want the old number back? you phone up orange, give a few details and they give you the old number on that SIM, in 10 minutes, without any waiting time at the call center!! When I did the same job with vodafone I had to pay 10euro!

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Martella 2000 said...

A me, invece, hanno proprio rubato il telefono in stazione...così il mio bel (e quasi nuovo) Motorola PEBL U6 color verde ranocchio è nelle mani di chissà sad!