Thursday, June 07, 2007

Understanding the Vaio EC.

This is about the embedded controller in my vaio s4, just some info on how memory is used there.

0x17: last address written

0x93: FAN0: fan speed. (you can set this directly, but will be reset in 1 second by something I don't know)
0x94: IRST: bit 8, cd power. You can't write this directly, see the CDPW method
0x96: BRIT (does nothing)
0x97: CONT, CTR method
0x9B: SIRQ: some how is set to 8,

0xA6-7 (16 bits): B1V0: voltage in the battery
0xC0-1 (16 bits): A1TP: temperature
0xC4-5 (16 bits): A1PT: passive trip point
0xC6-7 (16 bits): A1CT: critical trip point
0xC8-9 (16 bits): A2TP: some other temperature sensor

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