Saturday, June 30, 2007


The problem with 24 (I'm talking about the first series, it's the only one that I have seen...and I'll try to keep it like that!) is that it constantly insults your intelligence.

It's addictive and full of unexpected turns, but each one of them makes you say "naaaaaa, it's not like that". "WTF? s/he could have done that 5hours ago!". (or maybe tomorrow, get a rest). If you get two moles that high in a government agency (think of money and time) you do not want to waste both of them like this.

C'mon, the whole thing makes no sense at all. We're that not stupid.

The other problem I have with it is that after hour 4 I think you have already heard "mywifeanddaughter" a million times. By hour 12 you start hoping they kill one of them, so that at least they'd talk about the two separately.

The other other problem is that if you have a good piece of the plot (let say, for the sake of argument, "kidnapping+super rescue") you can't repeat it 3 times in a day. I know it's good, people love it etc, but you can't see the same plot 3 times in 24hours.

The other (x3) problem is that if each hour 2-3 people are shot, on that day about 50 people will have been killed. (+200 on a plane for no apparent reason). Naaa.

Finally, Jack Bauer is Chuck Norris.

No thanks.

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