Monday, May 21, 2007

Some findings on the Vaio

We have a ACPI method called CSXB, don't know what it does but:

42 loads the default values in the bios
41 hard locks the whole system.
50 somehow changes the video memory, i.e. the fonts in the terminal
become bigger and the screen is shifted down, I can't really describe it.

Also I wrote all numbers up to 2000-something, and as a side effect now
I don't have the sound during the logo at the boot (hurray!) regardless
of the volume of the speaker (I suspect that was 43 or 40 fault, but I
am not sure) and after writing all these numbers it wouldn't boot
anymore (battery led flashing fast). I had to remove the battery to make
it boot. Now is all normal, but I decided that was enough playing for now!

Also I have to methods CBMF and RBMF, RBMF is always 1, except when
reading from CBMF, that gg it becomes 3 (for only one reading).
Writing 0 to CBMF, RBMF is 3 (for one reading), writing 1 to CBMF
becomes 1, writing 2 and above it becomes 2. I have no clue of what this


Anonymous said...

I see I'm not the only one not getting any revision done ;). I'm booooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd already!

Unknown said...

You look to be getting somewhere with the SNC ACPI methods. Take a look at this community effort to get the sony-laptop driver for the kernel up to speed, it looks like you could contribute alot. I'm especially interesting in the code you are using to test?