Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Noodles and E numbers.

I sometimes eat some cheap and good ("poca spesa e tanta resa") noodles, but tonight I've checked the E numbers they have in the Ingredients. These are those kinds of food additives that are approved by the EU.

Anyway, I have a little java applet on my mobile, Enumbers, that tells you what these numbers mean, and tonight I was pretty scared. I'm not too fussy about this, but a bit of care must be taken probably.

E320: may trigger hyperactivity, serious concerns about carcinogenicity (provoke cancer), caused tumors in lab animals, banned in Japan, McDonald's don't use it.
E621: not that bad, better not for children or asthmatic people
E635: not that bad, can cause skin rashes
E310: it is used in foods, cosmetics, hair products, adhesives, and lubricants. can cause blood disorders.

All good?
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