Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Moto v3 AT commands.

Tonight I started working on the AT commands supported by the motorola V3x. The idea is to be able to save my phonebook, and sync it back and forward with thunderbird/gmail/whatever, complete with multiple phone addresses, categories, etc. The key is AT+CLAC (List All Commands) and a bit of "engineering".

I found no reference on this, but the king command seems to be AT+MPBRE (Motorola Phone Book Read Entry? Read Extended? ) That returns something like

+MPBRE: 62,1,"+391232312213",145,"BBBBAAAA",1,0,255,0,1,1,255,0,4,"",0,0,"","","","","","","","","",""

I can explain it as follows:
62: serial number in memory
1: number in the record. If I have more than 1 record per "person", then I will have 62,2 and 62,3
"+22": number
145: type of number, in this case international. 129 is normal, 128 is unknown. (from g20 reference found on motorola.com)
"BBBBAAA" name+surname, all in one entry, no space
1, type of number. 0 => "Work", 1 => "Home", 2 => "Main", 3 => "Mobile", 4 => "Fax", 5 => "Pager", 6 => "Email". I think. 11 other. Not sure
0,255,0,1,1,255 no idea yet
0 no full idea, working on it
4: length of the name!!! used to split the text field in name + surname. That's the key!! Previous field is 0, otherwise 1.
"",0,0,"","","","","","","","","","" no idea yet. I guess emails etc. The 4th is "nick name".

WOW, I am excited, will continue tomorrow. Now gotta go to bed!

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Adrian said...


I've been wrestling with this as well, trying to get my V3 to work with floAT's Mobile Agent.

I found this handy list of AT commands.