Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Skype linux client.

Skype. They do make a linux client, indeed. But it requires OSS (or OSS emulation), with deprecated use of /dev/dsp. And since nobody really cares about OSS, skype on linux is absolutely useless. I was able to hear pretty well, but not able to speak at all (my soundcard fault, but in ALSA would have worked smooth).

On their forum they say they are implementing ALSA support. We all hope they are, but it took ages since the request.

Now, if (if) they only opened the source-code...(release a binary library, ok, but keep the API open) in one week (I can bet) they would have a fully functional client. Or even two, one Qt (as their is) and one Gtk. And a lot of noise and praise on Slashdot, distro forums, etc.

Openwengo is just waiting, and googletalk will have audio support in gaim soon. Man, open your eyes, open the code.

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