Friday, January 06, 2006

Quel malefico buco sui wmf

Lo si diceva, e uno pensa "il solito buco". Poi l'ha detto Attivissimo, e uno inizia a preoccuparsi. Poi me lo mailano pure loro (l'ICT dell'uni), per cui state (voi poveri utenti Windows) attenti.

Dear All,

Over the Christmas period, Microsoft announced a serious security vulnerability primarily affecting PCs running Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server. This is due to a problem in the code Windows uses to display Windows MetaFile image files. These are typically found in Microsoft Office documents, but could also be found on web pages or in emails.

Currently, a number of spyware software and viruses are using this vulnerability to infect Windows PCs by deceiving people into viewing a malicious WMF image file on their PC.

Unfortunately, Microsoft will not have a patch available to address this issue until Tuesday, 10th January. As soon as it is made available, ICT will make the patch available to centrally supported PCs via the College's Windows Software Update Service.

In the meantime, you advised to be careful when visiting websites and processing email. In particular, beware visiting websites which you do not completely trust and do not open any email messages or attachments for which the provenance is doubtful.

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raraavis said...

Quando uno non è più utente, ti viene persino da sorridere... :-)