Friday, January 20, 2006

How to mute motorola sidekeys.

My Motorola v220 (but AFAIK this should work also on all Vxxx phones) has the mis-feature to play a quite loud sound every time you touch the keys on the left side, also known as "sidekeys". You are in the lecture room, and you say "***k, I've left the mobile on LOUD, I gotta turn it down". You press the sidekey to switch on "silent" and they beep. Very loudly.

I've spend the afternoon googling for a solution, and I hope this post will save some time to the next searcher. :-)

The first impression is that the sound is a standard .mid "ringtone" file. Well, it isn't. Is a system tone registered in the EEPROM. So, except you know how to re-program the EEPROM you can't do anything like deleting it.

What you can do is to turn the gain of "system tone" down to 0. Use motokit, or some other p2k software, and look for "gain table". That's it.

This has the disadvantage to turn off also some (dull) ringers and the low-battery notification.

For the software and other tips, look on some famous forum, like howardforums. The best motorola forum, and the more advanced software is in russian. So if you are russian, or you know very well Invision Boards, you can look on

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