Sunday, June 26, 2005

Una strana storia.

So how did the music get into him, you might ask? Well if you were sent to boarding school aged seven, studied Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering by mistake (“I thought we were going to fly planes, but we just pulled metals apart – the brochure was very misleading.”), joined the army by default, guarded The Queen and buried The Queen Mother, what you’re going to want to do very much after that, besides getting stoned and laid, is put your gun down, make an album in America on Linda Perry’s Custard Label with Tom Rothrock. So, that in fact, is exactly what James did. [*]

In fondo se non si ascoltano le hit del momento al momento in cui sono hit...poi non si ascoltano più (per fortuna). C'è però da dire che quest'album è prodotto davvero bene, quasi come Britney Spears.
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